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I am writing to inform you that I have filed four separate complaints with the City of Chicago related to cab driver Huseyin, driver of cab #408, who was my driver on Friday, March 22, 2013, as follows:

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I recently visited Chicago and had the BEST experience ever with one of your Taxi Drivers.
Gazi Mashal (#4259) picked me up at Midway Airport and drove me to my destination on August 31, 2016.

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#219 Don't ever take this cab! Driver was really rude! We almost got into an accident today (June 6, 2014). As you can probably tell from this picture he gave as a middle finger. He actually did it multiple times while he has passenger at the back. How rude can he be? Please do something about it. I'm pretty sure you don't want your company's reputation to get on the line with this dumb driver. This happened around 2:30 pm on June 6, 2014 from O'hare airport to Cumberland exit. Erika Jose Terrible Cab Ride Tonight my two kids and I rode in Cab 2383 at 7:45 pm, from Union Station to our home. I do not have the name of the male cab driver, who was tall, brown hair and of unknown descent. I told him our destination and he strangely asked us which way to go. I suggested one direction and he waived his hand and said, "What else?". So, I suggested another route, and again, waving his hand said, "What else?". A third time I suggested yet another way to get home and he said, "What else?" again! I said to take my first route suggestion and he said that he had taken some course in holistics and that the route I suggested was not healthy for him and that there were speed cameras. At this point, I was frustrated and worried. I said that I had two tired kids (we just finished a 5 hour train trip) and all we wanted was to get home. He then waved his hand again, muttering that we were bad people, that we might kill him, etc. He talked to himself the entire drive home. I check to see if he was on a sell phone and he was not. If I could have gotten out of the cab, I would have. Close to home, I had him stop on another street as I did not want this creep to know where we lived. He seemed like a schizophrenic. Terrible, scarey ride for me and my children. Lorile Herlihy
Complaint #4005 I was hesitant to even enter cab #4005 since he rushed past a moving car and stopped at the stop sign in the oncoming traffic's lane just before he picked me up at 1320 N State heading south. I gave him the destination address and asked him to take a certain route. Upon heading south on Clark St, I noticed traffic ahead and changed my route for him to turn west on Chicago (instead of Grand). After crossing Halsted, traffic was backed up so I directed him to "turn right under the train tracks where that car is turning". As he was approaching that turn, I reminded him to turn. He slammed on the brakes in the center of Chicago Ave after the turn that he missed and yelled at me that it is a one way, which indeed it is NOT. He still could have turned but insisted that I get out after I argued that it is not a one way, in fact, I was giving him a shortcut to bypass the construction traffic backed up to there from Ogden. He was on his phone the whole time (bluetooth) and I said if he was not on the phone he would have paid more attention. I paid my fare even it killed me to do so, as I exited the cab with my heart in my throat. NO taxi driver has ever been so rude, short tempered and dangerous in my fifteen years living in Chicago. I advise you do something about his lack of safety and unprofessionalism. Thank you. I failed to mention that this incident occurred today, Friday May 2 at 4:15pm. Thank you. -- ~Dana Racana

Complaint for Cab Number 5202

I am writing to complain about the service I received with this cab service. I will also be submitting a complaint to the City of Chicago and the Better Business Bureau. I was picked up in cab number 5202 at 300 N. La Salle St. 60654 on Monday, September 26,2016. The cab took me to 113 N. Green. I paid my fare and thought I added a $2.00 tip. I asked for a receipt and the drive angrily handed it to me. As I'm packing away my wallet the driver asks me to, "please get out." I said, "excuse me?" He replies, "get out of my cab." I am very confused and I say, "you just handed me my receipt. I will get out once I have gathered my things." He yells, "get out now!" I say, "I will not get out until I've written down your information," to which he responds, "you can do this outside of the cab." I said, "that's not how this works. And to think I tipped you." He says, "you did not tip me. There is no tip." I realize that clearly the $2 I thought I entered did not take, but more importantly, a tip is not mandatory. A tip is a courtesy. I actually would have tipped him cash had I known the electronic tip did not take. This was a corporate ride, and not a big deal. It is clear that he was rude and began yelling because he did not receive a tip.

This is not the way you conduct business. He was extremely rude. He obviously didn't warrant a tip being that his behavior was so aggressive. I feared for my life. As stated, I will be making this complaint to every entity.

It is my hope that the driver of taxi 5202 is reprimanded harshly.

Asha Dickens

Complaint. I was one of three adults who, along with one small child, a folded up stroller and large packback piled into one of Globe's taxis on a recent rainy Friday night. After getting situated and telling him that we needed to go to Logan's Square the driver kicked out of the cab because his shift was over in 15 minutes and he would not take us that far????!!!!! Are you kidding me??!!! It was a pretty busy night and after an hour of not finding another cab we took the subway. I originally had some sympathy for the cab companies over Uber, but I am done!! The cab companies know NOTHING about customer service. I have been taking cabs for years in Chicago. The drivers have nearly always been rude and I accepted it. After the Friday night incident, I used Uber the rest of the weekend. Their drivers were VERY NICE AND POLITE and the cost was less than half. No more regular cabs for me!!! Cindy Tormey Hello, At around 9:00 this morning, taxi # 2946 almost ran over a construction worker who was stopping traffic to let a construction vehicle pull out. I was walking along Lake Street just west of Canal and saw the whole thing. The driver was driving recklessly and dangerously. I almost called the police to report this, but knew they would not be able to catch him. It was a white Globe Taxi # 2946 Thanks, Arthur, Kendra
Compliment for Globe Taxi company! The driver was great! Please give a pat on the back to Cab #4683 Hack#74537. I left my phone in the cab. After a quick call to dispatch; he steamed right back and seemed very suprised when I offered to pay his fare for returning AND gave him something for his troubles. He was plesant and humble; two things I have found in short order in the big city! Thank you SO much for developing such service oriented employees. Irish R. Spring Manager, Systems Engineering Commercial Sales - US VMware, INC. M: (816) 721-4144 The worst ride from the aeroport. The cab nr 533 very unsafe No chairs in the cab .my husband had to ride on pull Chair .the driver talking on the phonr the whole time . No sitbelts . I took pictures to prove how unsafe this cab is Please take care of this matter. Mariana Darida Globe Cab 534 I am currently in cab #534 on my way downtown from Midway Airport. This cab smells like a load of dirty gym socks. I cannot believe I have to sit in this for 30 minutes. Please have your drivers clean their cabs regularly. Caroline Flood Cab #1954 dangerous driving Hi there - I was riding my bike northbound at the Navy Pier underpass, with a right of way to cross Illinois ave and one of your drivers, #1954, turned right, unsignaled, right in front of me. I followed him to the taxi stand at Navy Pier and let him know about the incident. He was 100% indifferent and took a phone call while I filled him in on the details. I'm a very experienced cyclist which, for him, was lucky as he would've been stuck with a lawsuit if someone with less experience wouldn't have been able to turn in time to avoid a collision. That's all. I didn't yell or curse or pound on his hood, but thought I'd report it to you since he didn't appear concerned or surprised that he almost clipped a cyclist. Thanks, Craig (
Dear Globe Taxi management, I left my daughter's purse on taxi #409 tonight (09/13/2014) -- picked us up on Michigan Avenue and dropped us off at Navy Pier. The purse contained her wallet with lots of cash and most importantly her iPod with IRREPLACEABLE photos from at least 2 years including footage from visiting family in South Africa (her grandparents who she hasn't seen in 4 years). We were SO upset when realized I forgot the purse! We only knew our cab was a white SUV with a driver from Togo, Africa. So we prayed for a miracle. As it turned out, our cab driver turned the purse into security at the Navy Pier!!! We are SO GRATEFUL!!! What a miracle that he was SO honest!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I will call you after this to give a reward to the driver, we are SO ecstatic, but I wanted to write for you to have record of the incident and for others to know that there are honest people working for you. May God bless the driver exceedingly! Vareena Swihart Hit by taxi At 11am on 2/2/16 at the corner of Erie and Saint Clair, I was hit by your driver in taxi #2225. He ignored the stop sign and ran right into me. Had I not been paying attention enough to jump just when the bumper made contact with my leg, it would be broken now... if not worse. Furthermore, when I approach the driver, he offered no apology. He only made excuses about other drivers honking and distracting him. Andrew Shouldis

Driver complaint #3336 on 3/19/2015 Driver was rude, angry and aggressive. Very uncomfortable ride from the Drake to the United Center. It started when I asked how long he’d been in Chicago because I was returning (after 20 years) as a tourist and if he was a long-timer I wondered when Maury Mages became Sports Authority. Not a big deal at all ---I was just feeling happy to be back in the city---but my question sent him on a tirade. He laid into me and kept saying over and over that personal questions were off limits and he would not tell me anything about his country ---which I didn’t even ask or care about. I was just enjoying a drive up Michigan Avenue with my 14 year old daughter. He seemed angry. Another man kept calling and he sounded angry (although I couldn’t understand what they were saying). Combine that anger with aggressive driving and I felt like I needed to let you know (have never complained about a driver before). Maybe the days of polite cab drivers are over but in case it matters to Globe Taxi, this guy needs customer service training. He seems like a ticking time bomb. Driver: 00092602 Cab: 3336 19:11 – 19:35 Amy Converse I just got out of Globe cab #4672. I was picked up at 700 N. Wells at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, 11/15. The driver was a large Indian man with glasses and dark black hair who made rude and inappropriate comments and asked me to go on a date with him to dinner tomorrow night. He also asked me how many bedrooms I had in my house, where I lived, if I was married or had a boyfriend, if I would go to India with him, how old I was, told me I was pretty and very young looking. I jumped out of the cab early. He creeped me out! He was much older than me and should not have been asking such personal questions, let alone asking me out! Please review this with the driver and take the appropriate action. I have also filed a complaint with the city. Margaret A. Schell
Extremely rude, obnoxious cab driver Titi On a fare from O'Hare to my home this evening, I made the mistake of asking Titi (1208TX) "where are you from". A simple, innocent attempt at conversation with no offensive intentions lead to him cursing at me and shouting at me in the cab. I informed him that I meant no offense, and that he was being way too sensitive. I heard his accent, and asked where he was born (I was born out of the country, and am not at all offended, when someone asks me that question). I advised Titi that I'd be reporting him, to which he told me he'd do the same. We ended our evening with a mutual "fuck you". You should be aware that your driver is a loose cannon with anger issues and a stunning lack of professionalism. I await your response. Yours, Dr. Chris Halliday (773) 931-8310 Taxi 1457 I was insulted by my taxi service tonight. I started my ride in Gold Coast neighborhood but was told by Taxi 1457 that the ride to hyde park would be over $50. This was clearly an attepmt by your employee to avoid the fair. I insisted he take us, a ride that ultimately was only $31. I am insulted by the avoidance of the south side community and would hope that in the future you insure your drivers remain cognisant of the Chicago taxi laws that everyone is insured a equal priced ride. I would hope that Globe Taxi riders are not encouraged to avoid the south side of Chicago. -Thank you, James Isaacs University of Chicago COMPLAINT AGAINST DRIVER OF TAXI #6178 Globe Taxi - Taxi #6178 This driver was very unprofessional and was harassing me because I did not leave him a tip for his very poor service. I will never use this cab company again. Combs, Nanette W.
Globe 4412 ID# 00092828 Hello, On 4/10/14 I received a taxi ride from Hyatt Place, 66 W. Illinois St, to O’Hare Airport. When dropped off at the airport I went to pay by the credit card machine and the driver said, “no the machine is not working” and then handed me his phone with a Square card reader attached. So I swiped the card and asked for a receipt. He gave me a receipt that totaled $38.85. I am now doing my expense report for that trip and found that my AT&T American Express card was charged $46.38. I need to get this matter cleared up ASAP. Thanks, Stuart Sveeggen Cell: 605-360-6035 E-mail: It was Globe taxi and I didnt get the drivers name... Cab driver #1570 is a liar and a stealer. On 11/11/2014 at 5pm he picked me and my son up on Aldine and Broadway and told him I needed to go to Winthrop and Lawrence. When I asked about the extra $1 charge my son is 7 years old. It says on the Placard that it’s from 12yrs to 65yrs that the additional charge applies to he said “it doesn’t matter what age they still charge”. So I paid him the fare with the extra charge because I didn’t want him to harm us if I didn’t pay the extra charge. I reported it to the City of Chicago and Karma will come back to him! Juliet Amano
Globe Cab #2049 You may want to inform your driver that (1) it is illegal to make a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane of a one-way street, most especially when there are cars in the left-hand lane, and (2) it is the law in Chicago that all vehicles must yield to pedestrians, not attempt to drive through an intersection when approximately 10 pedestrians are in the very well marked crosswalk. I was riding in CAB 5783 and fell out of the cab. My foot was caught on two loose wires by the door. The lady riding with me caught me on her suitcase as she was out of the cab. If she had not caught me, my injury would have been severe. The cab was dirty and the wires were right by the door. This is a VERY DANGEROUS situation for all cab fares. Stephanie Sick. stephanie@BRINTL.NET Good review I was running late and the driver (00086363;cab: #4241; author: 001211) was very accommodating, did the best he could, and was supportive in his driving. I had a train to catch today (4-11) at Amtrak at 10:15am and he got to Union Station on time for my departure. Thank you, taxi driver. Freddie Taborda Dangerous driver Your driver cut me off,on the corner of lasalle and division...he then proceeded to give me the finger several times...I then followed him....he continued with the finger...this was at 8:10 pm Friday June 12...I drove around looking for a police officer could not find one....the taxi number was 300Tx.....He is a hazard.... Your driver gave me the finger several times after cutting me off on div and lasalle.. Ben McCabe
Globe Taxi cab 5029 driver 00033970 January 26 9:43

My ride from midway was less than satisfactory. Apart from the driver listening to the radio loudly, he hissed at me when I told him to exit on Damen, argued with me about where I originally said I was going, and then hissed again. Got to my destination, asked him whether I should swipe or use chip, he was silent for 10 seconds and said can't I read the screen (rude and unprofessional). Gave him a 10% tip and told him to have a better day.

As someone that works in the service industry, this unhealthily large man shouldn't be in this business. He's lucky I was tired from a long day of traveling or I would've given him a piece of my mind. This email may be deleted or passed over by whoever, but this driver tonight is the reason why cab industry is dying and Uber is taking over. People like him are a disgrace to the service industry.

David Osaze Oyegun
Phone: 773-682-2658

Cab driver issue.

I am currently in cab 1945 dr lic 74805 and am very unhappy with the political comments made by this driver. He is free to have his opinion however he shouldn't be arguing with my husband because our views are different. He asked us when we got in what we thought about the new president and we replied and he basically told us we were stupid. I hope this is not behavior that your company feels is expectable from your cab drivers.
This is a great reason to use lift or uber!!


Globe. cab driver 6253 He texted while driving even after we requested him to stop. Got slow starts from green lights because he continued to text. Will not use your firm again. Raymond Hames Professor of Anthropology You have a drunk driver on the road Cab 373. This morning about 30 minutes ago on the Gold Coast, I was walking to work and your cab driver failed to stop at a stop sign and almost hit me. When I jumped out of the way just in time and started swearing at him he opened his window and he was obviously still drunk from last night or on medication. He said he didn't see me and I'm 5 11. I told him he needed to get off the road. And you should get him off the road now. If he has an accident and hurts someone, I will be there to testify. Donna Cunning Irate driver About 10 minutes ago this morning, it was witnessed by myself and others outside of union station on adams that your driver of cab #294 get out of his cab and approach another cabbie saying "if u f***ing honk at me I will beat you up. I'm not playing." He said this at least 5 times. I was across the bridge and still heard him yelling. Jason W.

I was visiting Chicago for the first time ever ( I am 76) over Thanksgiving and had the misfortune on Friday ( the 25 th) of getting into your cab at the Drake and driver 6688. Not knowing the city asked to go to The Barber Store at which he began to have a melt down yelling at me and the 2 other people of my group at the top of his lungs. I am not accustomed to being yelled at so I told him so and that we were visitors for the first time. As he continued to be abusive, we exite d his car and paid the fare. Perhaps this is your way, those of us from the south do not expect our drivers to be abusive but helpful instead. I only expect to be treated with respect and not a fountain of knowledge of a city where I've never been. Just felt you needed to know.
Mignonne Pearson

The driver was felt asleep while he was driving...

We took the cab 3133 from the airport to our hotel downtown today at 8 am. Everything started with the driver with driver license 91997, that was rude when he saw as he doesn't even said good morning. On our way he was felt asleep all the time!!! His eyes was closed the most time and he push hard the brake all the time because he was too tired and he wasn't able to drive safe and smooth... this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Many times we went out of the lanes on the right or the left sides.... It was very scary!
We didn't pay a professional driver to drive us to death!

By the end, when finally arrived at our hotel, I vomit from his way of driving...

We will not take again a globe taxi!

Myrto K.

Global taxi association cab number 3481

I have called in to make a complaint about when you're worthless drivers I mean worthless duty illegal U-turn on Bessie Coleman Drive in front of me and I was driving a motorcycle and did not even look or care that they damn near hit me when I called to make a complaint to the company you act rude and hang up on me like I'm in the wrong I've got friends I'm not threatening anybody but I've got friends that are in the US marshals service you want to push this to a limit do it I would enjoy that

Lanny Johnson

Mean driver

I took a cab from the corner of Michigan and Madison in Chicago to 1540 N. Lake Shore Drive and the fare was $8.75 without a tip. On may way back I took a different cab from Globe Taxi and had to pay $12.50 for the same way. The cab driver # 1954 drove first west then east, I asked him why he wasn't going straight on Lake Shore Drive and then Michigan but he said he wanted to avoid traffic. The way he chose was longer and not without traffic. At the end when I told him that my fare was just $8.75 for the same way, he told me to just give him money and go away. If all the taxi drivers who work for Globe Taxi are like this one, I think, I am going to avoid the company.

REVIEW. Last evening, at approximately 10:00 p.m., we got into Globe Taxi #6715, waiting in front of the Palmer House Hotel downtown. We were heading home, to “4250 N. Marine Drive, just north of Irving on the drive” as we told the taxi driver. He skipped several options to get on Lake Shore Drive until we outright asked him to get on the drive (much faster than all the stop & go traffic on Michigan Ave) – my husband then had to tell him every single step of the way how to get to our home…the guy driving the cab was clueless (if you’re that unknowledgeable, have the courtesy to tell potential passengers you have no idea where you’re going – then at least passengers would have the option of deciding whether or not to continue with someone who cannot do their job). I really feel our address has to be one of the simplest to get to if you know anything about Chicago street numbering. I don’t know what kind of training your drivers get but this was an embarrassment to your organization. I feel like I ought to ask for my money back. And rest assured, we will avoid taking any Globe Taxis in the future. Susan E. Lorsch, CFA Chief Compliance Officer, SVP Overcharge on trip 5/7 Today I took a taxi from Jean-Claude from 2103 W Berwyn Ave to Northfield, IL. As I got out of the taxi, the meter read $25.25, however, when I got the receipt from uber, I was charged $68. I will not pay this price, as I was overcharged $40. Uber said that they cannot do anything about it, and I need to have the charged stopped on my credit card. Rachel Horn
Taxi Ride Last night I grabbed a taxi with globe taxi last night and the ride was okay. Till the cab driver insisted on helping me over a curb and because I am in wheelchair and I told I didn’t need help and proceed to the help me anyways he pulled my chair up backwards which in turn dumped me out of my chair. He then proceeded to grab my arm as I started to fall out leaving a huge painful welt on my arm. Wish I had grabbed the taxi number. Heather Voigts Globe Taxi driver- Compliment!! I would like to send a Compliment to Globe taxi driver- Mr. Farhad Meghani- Taxi #2896- around 3:00pm today- Tuesday, April 16th, 2013. He was a driver that picked me up near State and Grand to take me to FedEx headquarters here in Chicago, 800 W.Division St. I relayed to him that it was often hard to get a taxi on the Return trip from FedEx to another location. He was about to take his lunch break, however, he shortened it and returned to wait for me. I thank him Very much for doing so. I was under pressure/short turn around time, to get to and from FedEx to pick up a package for awaiting clients. Thank you for 'less' Stress in my day:-) Happy Passenger, Ms. D- Chicago:-) Report dangerous driver--- cab#6895 Hi, I would like to report one of your taxi driver, cab#6895. I took this cab from Chicago O'hare airport to Edgewater area yesterday (Sunday June 8) around 6:40pm. This driver passed other cars through highway ramps and shoulder 4 times during my ride. After we left highway, he continued passing other cars in dangerous way. During the drive, he also spent lots of time looking out through his side window (instead of paying attention to the traffic). My husband and I thought he is so far the worst taxi driver we ever had. So we would like to report this driver. Thanks. Ching-I and Michael
Worst Taxi Ride! Dear Globe Taxi, I picked up Globe Taxi at O'Hare to my home in Des Plaines. As soon as I entered the taxi the driver complained to me that he had another short fair. He was not please. As we stopped in front of my home the fair was $16. He pushed a button and all of a sudden it was now $20. The driver refused my credit card saying cash only. There was nothing posted about no credit cards. I have am wearing a sling after recent surgery. The driver is no help. One handed a fish out my purse within the trunk to pay him. The driver does not give me a chance to put things away as he closes the trunk on me and leaves me fidgeting in the rain. Will never recommend this company to anyone, will inform others of my experience and the rudeness from your drivers. Very displeased with this service of Cab #2041!!! Sincerely, Miss O'Connor ​Hello, On Friday, 6/6/14, I rode in ​Globe Taxi Cab 6527 around 3:15 p.m. from Lincoln Park to the Loop, the driver got on his cell phone (not hands free) for approx. 2-3min, he hung up and as we got on Lake Shore Drive he was on his cell phone for another 5-6 minutes. It sounded like a personal call since their was some cussing. Since being on a non-hands free cell while driving is against the law in Chicago and unsafe to the passengers, I hope this will be addressed with the driver Thank you Chicago City Creatives (CCC)
Your driver Kazeem Olalekam is a crook

On April 24th I rode car 5930 driven by Kazeem Olalekam who picked me up at O’Hare airport and dropped me off at my hotel in downtown. The fare on the meter showed $40, the small second monitor showing $4.00 in taxes, bringing my total fare to $44.00. I was getting ready to swipe my card when he told me that I should not use the machine in the cab and handed me an iPad with a swipe attachment. The ONLY thing I could see on the iPad was the amount of tip, no fare or total amount being shown. I gave him a $5.00 tip, assuming that my total would be $49.00 and asked for a receipt. He did not give me one, instead telling me that one would be emailed to me. At that point I knew that something was not right and recorded the cab information.
Of course I never got the receipt. I called my credit card company the next morning. They could not find a taxi charge, but they told me that a certain Kazeem Olalekam had charged me $70,87.
I contacted Globe and was told that Mr. Olalekam was an independent contractor, they gave me his mobile number and asked me to settle the issue with him directly. I called Mr. Olalekam, asked him to reverse the charges and he had the gall to insist that he had done nothing wrong.
I am obviously disputing the charges. I’ve also filed a complaint with the City of Chicago which I intend to pursue to the fullest extent of the law.
I’m posting this to simply let Globe know that they have crooks driving their cabs.

Harout Dedeyan

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